Established in October 2004, Trang Linh Import-Export & Trading Joint Stock Company has operated persistently and dedicatedly for many years, providing outstanding performance in the field of Business-2-Business services and Import-Export trade.

During the past 2 decades, we are proud to be a provider of operational and event-based services for businesses and clients, providing the highest quality services from the dedication of the staff. Trang Linh JSC believes that every business should invest their attention toward developing the brand’s core values, thus, we want to become the right hand to support businesses in other logistical activities such as printing, designing, staff welfare management, warehousing management, preparing promotion announcements, event planning and organizing, etc.


With an extensive network in the field of trade promotion, we are a reliable partner in domestic and international trade promotion activities, either as the direct supplier or the supportive 3rd party partner. We have connected and provided cultural handicrafts, decorative natural gem products, which are highly sought after products of Vietnam in various European markets. Trang Linh is currently supplying minerals, raw materials…come from mineral mines throughout Vietnam for factories producing ceramics, glass, glass, paint, etc. across the country. Our featured mineral products include white clay, white sand, manganese oxide powder, kaolin, calcium carbonate of all types, with sizes varying from finely processed to coarse grain according to clients’ needs. With the goal of strengthening the national production base as well as promoting Vietnam’s unique processed and natural products to the international market, Trang Linh works closely with all suppliers, ensuring high quality products, high flexibility in meeting customers’ needs, whether at home or abroad.

With our motto “Passion to Perfection”, Trang Linh JSC wishes to accompany businesses and clients to move forward together towards success.


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