Telecommunications services

    Registration and management of telecommunications service contracted packages from reputable providers in Vietnam such as Vinaphone, Viettel,… for employees operational usage. We provide information and consults so our clients can best selectRead more

    Human Resources supply & management

    Support the recruitment process of outsourcing personnels for the enterprise, including posting management, recruitment documents, contacting suitable candidates, signing and managing said contracts with employees. On-demand support, flexible and timely support inRead more

    Design & Printing services

    Design and print documents, posters, event standees, print logos and corporate messages on customer gifts and add-ons; delivery and payment management of printed products on demand.

    Warehouse fulfillment

    Leasing warehouse at Trang Linh JSC’s office, preserving and storing goods and samples, managing receipts, intakes and outtakes with transportation, delivery to partners or branches as required; document storage and periodic inventoryRead more