With high standard mining and processing, kaolin products originating from Phu Tho province are hand-selected, classified, then finely grinded before being sent to filter settling tank systems for pressing and drying. Kaolin products are widely used in ceramic factories, especially during the making of ceramic bone structures and glazes, high-grade paper production, white cement, aluminum, refractory materials such as bricks and fiberglass.

    Specifications for reference*:
    Igloss < 14 ± 0.5% | Na2O < 0.3%
    Fe2O3 < 0.5% | SiO2 47% ±1
    Al2O3 37.5 ± 1% | K2O < 1%
    TiO2 < 0.01 % | CaO < 0.05%
    MgO < 0.03%
    Humidity: 10 – 12%
    Grain Size: 63 AFM (0.063 mm)
    *products used in the production of glazes for ceramics

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