Warm Winter For The Children – Muc Dong Pagoda, Hung Yen

    When the cold wind hits the last months of the year, children come to school under thick colorful coats and warm scarves. Trang Linh JSC understands that not all children have access to enough warm winter clothing, and we make it our goal to close the gap. In order not to let the cold weather at the end of the year stop kids on the path of learning and enjoying their childhood, all staff at Trang Linh JSC, in partnership with IvyPrep Center Point Academy – Le Van Luong organized the mobilization of the support program “WARM WINTER FOR THE CHILDREN”, donated cash and carefully packed used winter clothes for children of difficult background at Muc Dong pagoda, Hung Yen.

    Being parents themselves, many staff at Trang Linh JSCJSC also shared their worry for children who lacked winter clothes in cold weather. Therefore, for every coat and scarf we packed for the children at Muc Dong Pagoda, we filled them with love and care. True to the spirit of the program “WARM WINTER FOR THE CHILDREN”, Trang Linh JSC hopes that the children can enjoy their childhood to the fullest and warmest, just like the hugs we send from afar.