Bringing Fresh Water to Drought and Saline Intrusion Areas – Ben Tre Province

    In May 2024, Trang Linh JSC is proud to be a partner with Dell Technology Vietnam (Dell Technology) in the project “Bringing Fresh Water to Drought and Saline Intrusion Areas.” This project has deep humanitarian significance, aiming to support areas severely affected by drought and saline intrusion in the southwestern region of Vietnam, specifically the Khánh Thạnh Tân commune in Mỏ Cày Bắc district, Bến Tre province.

    In recent years, climate change have made the situation of drought and saline intrusion more severe than ever. Thousands of households in Khánh Thạnh Tân commune have faced severe fresh water shortages, affecting their livelihoods and agricultural production. Understanding the severity of the situation, Trang Linh JSC were eager to collaborate with Dell Technology Vietnam to develop this program, aiming to support people of the area to overcome climate adversity.

    Trang Linh JSC sponsored 30 million VND and actively called for material support to mitigate the drought and saline intrusion situation in Khánh Thạnh Tân commune. The total sponsorship funding for the program amounts to over 200 million VND. We believe that with the cooperation of Dell Technology, the project will bring practical and long term results, contributing to improving the quality of life for the people of Khánh Thạnh Tân commune.

    We are committed to continuing our efforts to bring the best values to the community, especially to areas heavily affected by global climate change in Vietnam.